About Access To Places

Our Story
Access To Places was founded by Antonio Guimaraes, a graduate of UMASS Boston with a degree in communication, and an entrepreneur who happens to be blind. He relies on public transit, and would not give up living in a big city since transportation enables him and everyone to get around. Although traveling in a big city such as Boston opens the doors of exploration, doing so can be frustrating for a blind person. You might be shown the way into a station one day, and a different way the next. This does not allow for a blind person to build an accurate mental layout of the physical environment.

Our Focus
Thus, Access To Places is focused first on meeting the needs of blind people who depend on public transit. We focus on the accessibility needs of blind pedestrians, commuters, and travelers with the understanding that meeting these needs will expand opportunities for us, as well as for people with other disabilities, tourists, and those new to or exploring a large city.

Our Plans
Our flagship product will be a public transportation app in Boston. The app will provide line and station listings currently in display everywhere on the Boston subways, but out of reach for those of us who can’t see them. We plan to add verbal descriptions of platforms, exits, and entrances at each station in the subway system, and will create additional features as funding becomes avaolable.