At Access To Places, our vision is to transform the world into an accessible, enjoyable place where blind people can expect frictionless, accessible delivery of the services and tools they use every day.

What We Do

Accessible retail and customer service

We are your partner in creating accessible shopping experiences such as access to packaging information, brochures, fliers, point-of-sale systems, and inclusive customer service practices.

Accessible sports venues

Count on us to assess the accessibility of all aspects of the in-person game experience for blind attendees, and to implement solutions for an all-around more meaningful and enjoyable experience.

Accessible mobile apps

Collaborate with us to create accessible mobile apps from the start, or to fix existing accessibility concerns with your current apps.

Accessible written materials

QR codes are difficult for blind users to find and scan, making them nearly useless for this customer segment. Let us help you implement methods and technology alongside QR codes that is easy to find and scan, and a breeze to use for people who cannot see.  

Our Accessibility Consultant

Antonio Guimaraes is blind from birth. He has experienced inaccessibility for over 40 years, and has worked to design and build access where little or none existed before. He holds a Masters in Interactive Telecommunications from New York University where he learned to work with wide range of emerging technologies. Since starting at NYU, Antonio has taken an interest in integrating physical computing with multimedia to create access to museums, subway systems, and the like.

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